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Break Down

If you have a breakdown, pull as far off the road as possible, turn on your four way flashers, and display a police sign from your radio antenna or put it in your back window. If you don't have a police sign hang out some white piece of clothing. Drivers recognize this as a sign of distress. Some drivers will be able to radio or telephone ahead for help.
open your door/windows for anyone. If they stop to help ask them, please call for help.
Other Helpful Hints:

There are a number of low cost cellular phones available which are designed for use in emergency situations. It may be prudent to consider obtaining one.

Unexpected breakdowns emphasize the importance even more of letting someone know when and where you will be travelling.

Road Assistance
Consider becoming a member of one of the many organizations which offer roadside assistance. Coupled with an in car cell phone, this type of service can provide you with reliable assistance.
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