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Courtesy and Common Sense

Many road crashes could be eliminated if people used common sense and behaved courteously to other road users.
Give way to heavy trucks if you can do so safely. Trucks are more difficult to maneuver than cars, and must shift through a lot more gears to gain speed.
Be courteous to pedestrians at cross overs and intersections. Stop well back so they know what you are doing, and always signal well before you turn a comer.
Cell Phones

If you have a car phone use it sensibly. Pull over to place your call, or consider getting a "hands free set" to free up your hands. Your "vital" conversation could be your last if you ignore normal safe driving procedures.


Anticipate amber lights, don't hit the gas. Slow down and stop Don't drive into an intersection if your exit route isn't yet clear. When the lights change you could be stuck, and this could be the start of a big traffic jam. You also can be charged for blocking the road

Driving can be a stressful business. Relax, be courteous to other drivers, and remember to express your thanks for courtesy provided, by a wave of the hand or a flash of your lights.

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