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About Auto Insurance

Drivers, who successfully complete driver's training course from a certified instructor, are eligible up to 20% discounts on their insurance. For more information check with your insurance company.
Special Discounts

Many insurance companies will apply certain discounts for good drivers and some types of safety equipment on your vehicle. If you or any member of your family qualify for any of these discounts, you could save money on your auto insurance rates

For Drivers

Good Driving Habits Pay Off
Many insurance companies recognize the benefits of a better-than-average driver. As a result, these companies will apply certain discounts to auto insurance rates for the following:

A Good Driver

Generally, you are considered a good driver if you have had your licence for more than three years, and have not had more than two violation points on your driving record for either a moving violation, accident and/or chargeable accident. In addition, you must not have been cited within the past seven years for drunk driving, driving under the influence, or for manslaughter or gross negligence in an accident.

Driver Training
This discount usually applies to teenage drivers but is available to anyone who takes a driver's training course from a certified instructor.
Good Student Discount

Experience has shown that good students tend to have better driving records. It requires a "B" or better grade point average, and you may need to provide some sort of certificate or written proof.

Distant Student

This is also known as "Student Away at School" and refers to a student attending school more than 100 miles from home who has not taken one of your insured vehicles to school. You may need to provide some sort of written proof in order to obtain this discount.

Accident Prevention Course

Some insurance companies will offer a Discount if you take an accident prevention course (certified by your state's/province department of motor vehicles) and you obtain a certificate of completion as proof.

For Vehicles
Depending on the laws in your state/province and your insurance company, you may need to have both shoulder restraints and seat belts in order to receive a discount on your premium. In addition, you may be able to receive a higher discount if you have a driver's side air bag and an even higher discount if you have dual air bags.
Anti-lock Brakes
These are also known as "ABS" (Anti-lock Braking System). Anti-lock brakes can help prevent loss of control in sudden braking situations, which can help reduce the chance of an accident.
Antitheft Devices

While there are a number of devices available to help protect your car from thieves, most insurance companies will only offer you a discount if you have an alarm only system, active disabling or passive disabling alarm system.

Remember Driving without insurance is illegal
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