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Passing or Over Taking


Pay close attention to truck turn signals.

Never pass on the right or squeeze in beside a truck to turn right at an intersection. Turning a large truck to the right is a tricky job. Sometimes comers are so sharp

Check Traffic
Before passing a vehicles on the highway check the traffic front and rear.
Indicate your intentions
Indicate that you are going to pass (a professional driver will keep to the right to make it easier).

When you see the way is clear be decisive and make your pass as quickly and safely as possible. Pay close attention don't cut in front of trucks they have to shift through as many as 15 gears and
takes truck longer to stop than your car.
Be patient

Be patient when you want to overtake, trucks. Greater distance and time are needed to pass them safely.

Passing Trucks
When you move into the passing lane, be aware that large trucks can cause turbulence. This is most noticeable when you pass the gap between the cab and trailer and immediately after you pass the truck. Don't cut in, or slow down after passing.

Make sure to signal turns well in advance. Signal lights are to alert other drivers what you intend to do. Don't wait until you start to pull out or overtake before activating your signals. You could cause a serious collision even a jackknife.

Would lower speed limits for trucks improve road safety?
Ontario's speed limit is 100 km/hour on provincial highways and 80 km/hour on secondary highways. Collisions can be caused by differences in speed of vehicles. For this reason, the Ministry of Transportation posts the same speed limit for all motor vehicles on Ontario roadways.
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