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The Process
Once you receive your renewal notice, you must contact the MTO Regional Scheduling Office in your area as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for your tests and group education session. You should not go to a driver exam centre or an MTO office to book an appointment.
The vision and knowledge test and the group education session will now be held on the same day. This is available by appointment only.
Appointments are available only by calling the numbers below.
Northern Region:
North of Severn Bridge, west to the Manitoba border and east to the Quebec border, including the districts of Haliburton, Muskoka and Nipissing
1-800-461-9548 or 705-497-5436
Eastern Region:
Port Hope east to Kingston and the Quebec border, and north to Pembroke including Peterborough and Ottawa 1-800-701-2171
Central Region:
Niagara Peninsula, Hamilton east to Toronto and Port Hope, and north to Lake Simcoe
1-800-396-4233 or 416-235-3579
Southwestern Region:
Windsor east to London and Brantford, Kitchener, and north to Lake Huron
1-888-276-7885 or 519-873-4276
The vision and knowledge tests and group education session take approximately three and one-half hours to complete. You should have your driver's Licence number available when you call. It can be found on the application. Remember to bring your application with you when you attend the group education session.
Renewing Your Licence
Once the renewal requirements are complete, your driver's Licence must be renewed at a Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office. A Licence cannot be renewed at the same location where the tests were taken. Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Offices are listed in the Blue Pages of the phone book under Licenses and Permits (Provincial), Drivers and Vehicles Licence Issuing Offices. Drivers may also be required to have their photo taken.
Some drivers may also be required to take a road test - the counsellor at your group education session will discuss this with you. Road tests are delivered by the new service provider at the Drive Test Centres. The counsellor can provide information regarding the closest DriveTest Centre. Once the driver completes the road test, the DriveTest Centre will refer the driver to a Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office to renew their driver's licence.
Drivers 80 years of age and over are required to repeat this process every two years in order to renew their driver's Licence.
If you have any questions, please call toll-free 1-800-387-3445 or, in the Greater Toronto Area, you may call 416-235-2999
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