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Which vehicles are required to pass the test?

If you own a passenger car or light truck (ie. Vehicles weighing 4500 kg or less) in the Drive Clean program area, it will have to pass a Drive Clean test every two years prior to renewing the sticker on the licence plate. This applies to vehicles that are more than three model years old and less than 20 model years old. You will be notified up to 90 days before the deadline for renewing your vehicle licence plate.

Passing an emissions test is also required to validate an ownership transaction. If your vehicle is less than 20 model years old, and if the ownership change must have a safety certificate to be effective (eg. At resale), it must pass a Drive Clean test. Current model years are exempt.
Vehicles 20 model years or older, light-duty commercial farm vehicles and motorcycles are exempt.
Testing at registration alternates between odd-year models and even-year models. For passenger cars and light trucks registered in the Phase 1 Drive Clean program area (i.e. Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Hamilton-Wentworth Region), check the model year of your vehicle (below) to see if it requires a Drive Clean test at registration renewal.
Model years to be tested in 2009
1982 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006  
Model years to be tested in 2008
1981 1983 1985 1987 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 203 205  
If you own a heavy-duty truck or bus (vehicle weighing more than 4,500 kg), your vehicle may also require a Drive Clean emissions test prior to renewing licence plate registration
Emission FAQ
Why do we need a program like Drive Clean?
Cars, trucks and buses emit pollutants that contribute to smog. Drive Clean will help ensure that the emission systems of our vehicles are maintained to the standards for which they were designed. Just like they have to be fit for the road, motor vehicles also have to be fit for the air we breathe.
Why was my vehicle chosen for an emissions test?
Your vehicle registration will be up for renewal within three months. Without this emissions test, you won’t get a validation sticker to put on your licence plate.
Your vehicle registered within the Drive Clean program area.
Your vehicle is more than three model years old, but less than 20.
For information on emissions call the Drive Clean Call Center at 1-888-758-29999.
I do proper maintenance on my vehicle. Why don’t you go after the real “smokers” on the road?
There’s an excellent chance your vehicle will pass the Drive Clean test. But an average for 20 per cent of vehicles will fail. Since there’s no practical way of knowing which vehicles meet the emission standards, the fair thing is to make the test mandatory. Also, the Ministry of the Environment has implemented on-road enforcement of grossly polluting cars and trucks though Ontario’s Smog Patrol program.
Where do I go for a Drive Clean test?
Take your vehicle to an accredited Drive Clean facility. To find a facility, look for service centers that display the Drive Clean Sign, call 1-888-758-29999 toll-free or visit:

Clean Driving Services Center

How much will the test cost me?
A Drive Clean test will cost no more than $30 plus GST. Some Drive Clean facilities may charge even less. If your vehicle fails its initial test and needs repairs, the cost for re-testing at the same facility will be no more than $15 plus GST.
Does my vehicle need an inspection before its test?
Drive Clean facilities must conduct a pre-test check before testing a vehicle. There is no charge for this check, which determines if the vehicle is in good working order to be safely and successfully tested on a dynamometer. It is not a mechanical safety check. The Drive Clean facility may recommend repairs before the vehicle is tested and may refuse to conduct a test unless the repairs are made. If you disagree with the pre-test check results, you have the right to take your vehicle to another facility.
How is the Drive Clean test done?
A certified test inspector runs your vehicle on a treadmill-like machine called a dynamometer. A probe, placed in the tailpipe, sends readings on the pollutants in the exhaust to a computer. The tamper-proof computer averages the readings and compares them to the emission standards for the vehicle and its year (eg. An ’86-model car will be tested against ’86 emission standards), with an allowance for wear and tear.
How will I know if the test results and repairs are fair?
All Drive Clean facilities are audited by an independent quality assurance/quality control organization. If you disagree with the test results or the repairs at a Drive Clean facility, call the Drive Clean Call Center at 1-888-758-29999. You and the other party may be referred to an independent dispute resolution process.
How easy is it to pass?
More than 80 per cent of the cars and light trucks being tested in Ontario’s Drive Clean area are passing the test.
If my vehicle “fails”?
You will receive a report describing some of the possible causes of failure. You will need to make the necessary emission-related repairs, and then return to the Drive Clean test facility for a re-test. You can fix the car at your local garage, an accredited Drive Clean repair facility or do the repairs yourself, as long as you pass the re-test. If your vehicle fails the re-test, you may qualify for a conditional pass if you deal with accredited Drive Clean facilities for repairs or repair estimates. A conditional pas will allow you to renew your registration, but it cannot be used to transfer the ownership of a vehicle. For further information on the repair cost limit and conditional pass, call 1-888-758-29999
What happens after my Drive Clean test?
If your vehicle has a “pass” you are ready to renew your vehicle registration (licence plate). You should take the “pass” report along with the other required documents to a Driver and Vehicle licence Office or a handy self-serve kiosk.
What happens if I transfer the ownership of my vehicle to someone else?
Before the vehicle can be licenced for the road under new ownership, it must pass a Drive Clean emissions test. This applies to all cars and light duty trucks, one model year to 19 model years old in the Drive Clean program area. For information on the valid life of a Drive Clean pass certificate, please call the Drive Clean Call Center at
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