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A 10 day permit is a temporary licence, which allows the use of the roads in Ontario for a period of 10 days. A ten day permit effectively replaces the licence plate and the validation sticker

A ten day permit may be issued only to the owner of the vehicle or to the person purchasing the vehicle and whose name appears at the back of the registration as the buyer or who has a bill of sale signed by the registered owner of the vehicle (the signature of the registered owner must also appear at the back of the registration as the Seller.

Any other person applying for the ten day permit must present a written authorization signed by the registered owner or by the person purchasing the vehicle. 10 Day Permits are available at your local Licence Office

Documents Required:
  • Vehicle Permit (also known as Registration or ownership)
  • Insurance Information (Insurance Company and Policy Number)
Where to Display the Permit
The 10 day permit must be placed inside the windshield on the passenger side in such a way that it does not obstruct the vision of the driver.
Temporary Permit (10 day) Passenger Vehicle
$ 15.00
Temporary Permit (10 day) commercial laden Vehicle
$ 75.00
Temporary Permit- Combination truck trailer
$ 132.00
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