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If you've got new plates, a new vehicle with its own plates or simply you are not going to use your vehicle for a long time and the validated plate is no longer required, the validated plate may be returned to any licensing office for refund.

The refund is for the validation only. There is not refund for the metal plates themselves.

  • The "Plate portion" of the ownership is required
  • Both plates must be returned
if the validated plate or both plates are lost or stolen, they must be reported to any police station, the form "Replacement Declaration" must be filled out by you and then signed by a police officer.
Refunds are mailed by the Ministry about 4 weeks after processing to the current address of registrant
Amounts Refunded:
You will be refunded for whole months of the validation, for example: if the plate is valid for five and a half months (from now until your birthday) you will receive a refund for five months. Additionally there is a fix administration charge of $5.00 for refund processing.
When a Driver's Licence valid for more than one year is not longer required (Driver is deceased or Driver gives up driving in Ontario) it may be returned to the Ministry of Transportation for refund.
Amounts Refunded:
You will be refunded $10.00 for every whole year of validation remaining in the Driver Licence.
How to Apply for Refund
To obtain the refund the driver licence because the driver is deceased or the person gave up driving, send a short note requesting the cancellation of the licence and the refund to:
Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Refunds Department
P.O. Box 9200
Kingston, ON K7L 5K4
In the case of a deceased person, include copy of the death certificate
Refund of Taxes:
There may be certain situations where the purchaser will be required to pay retail sales tax on the transfer of a vehicle, but he/she may claim a refund for all or part of the tax paid. These situations include:
  • Transfer of a vehicle from one person, to the same person in joined ownership with someone else. In this case the vehicle owner may apply for refund of one half of the taxes paid
  • Situations where an individual pays tax on the average wholesale value even though the purchase price is lower as a result of damage or excess wear and did not provide an appraisal at the time of transfer. In order to obtain a refund, the individual must submit an appraisal form completed by an authorized party (vehicle dealer or an official appraiser), a copy of the tax receipt provided by the Licensing Office and the Bill of Sale with the refund application.
Appraisals must be obtained by the current purchaser and must be done within 60 days of the date of sale.
  • A transferee is claiming an exemption (i.e. gifts, taxi licence, and estate bequest) but can not provide the necessary documentation to support the exemption at the time of transfer. In order to obtain a refund, the individual must submit the required documentation with the refund application. (Form 1181A) available at your Licence Office or Ministry of Finance Office.
  • Refund provisions on the purchase of motor vehicles used to transport a person with a physical disability. In this case, use the Application For Refund included in "Sales Tax Guide 701" available at your Licence Office or Ministry of Finance Office.
  • Refund provisions on the purchase of vehicles powered by alternative fuels. In this case, use the Retail Sales Tax Application for Refund - Vehicles Powered by Alternative Fuel included in Sales Tax Guide 702 available at your Licence Office or Ministry of Finance Office.
  • A dealer is transferring motor vehicles but is not listed on the dealer/vendor cross reference listing as an active dealer/vendor or for tax on goods permanently removed from Ontario within 30 days. In this case a General Application for Refund of Retail Sales Tax form should be used to apply for a refund.
For any of the above situations, the appropriate application for refund form is to be provided by the person or entity requesting the refund.
Instructions for completion are included with the forms. The forms are available from the
Ministry of Finance 33 King Street West
Oshawa, ON L1H 8H5
Telephone 1-800-263-7965
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