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Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Offices
A Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office is an independently operated office which provides all routine driver and vehicle licensing products and services on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation, such as driver licence renewals and vehicle sticker renewals
  • Abstract
    - without address information
    - with address information to authorized persons
    - for an extended period of time (over five years)
  • Changes to address and all other information on driver's licence (available at Queens' Park)
    - excludes removing requirement to wear corrective lenses
  • Handbooks (at select locations)
  • Instructor's Licence (renewal or replacement)
  • Licence Downgrade (if no test required)
  • Licence Reinstatement Fee Payment
  • Licence Renewal
    - if a test or a Group Education Session is not required - up to six months prior to expiry
  • Licence Replacement
  • Licence Return
    - accepting licences for any reason (i.e., requirement of suspension, driver deceased)
  • NSF Payment
  • Photo (new)
  • Refund Application
  • Temporary Driver's Licence
    - authorized by the Ministry
    - valid without a photo due to a facial burn, scar or other injury
    - reinstated after serving a suspension if no test required
  • Abstract
    - without address information
    - with address information to authorized persons
    - Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) Abstracts Including:
    - CVOR Driver Abstract
    - CVOR - Operator Level 1 Abstract (Public Summary)
    - CVOR - Operator Level 2 Abstract
  • Changes to information on the registered owner or vehicle
  • Disabled Person Parking Permit
    - original, renewal, replacement, temporary, visitor
  • Highway 407 Transponder Sales (at select locations)
  • NSF Payment
  • Outstanding Parking Ticket
  • Plates
    - graphic
    - own choice and gift certificates
    - regular series
    - sample
  • Refund Application
  • Registration -- vehicle/fleet
  • Renewal - one or two years
  • Replacement
    - vehicle permit
    - plates
    - validation
  • Retail Sales Tax Payment
  • Transfer
    - vehicle
    - plate
  • Trip or Intransit Permit
  • Used Vehicle Information Package
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