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Co-Pilot Course
This course is offered for those who with to get hands on exposure to aviation but do not wish to pursue a licence. There are no enrollment requirements for this reason. Spouses or partners of licenced pilots, who wish to be more involved will find this avoids the time and expenses of a full licence.
Ground Instruction
The ground Training includes a full day of in-class instruction. Emphasis will be on practical knowledge for in-flight application.
Topics such as the following are discussed:
  • Where the radios are and radio usage
  • Navigation equipment and usage
  • Landing, gear, flaps and brakes
  • What the instruments are telling you
  • The meaning of radar vectors, DF steer
  • Transponder, auto-pilot
  • Use of the aircraft checklist
  • The basic weather reports
Another hour and half of one-on-one ground instruction is also included to allow you and your Flight Instructor to discuss exercises to be done in the airplane. This instruction is intended to endure that you gain the maximum benefit once the aircraft.
Flight Training
The flight training Program consists of five hours of flight time on aircraft and one hour on simulator including:
    • Trimming the aircraft
    • Use of maps, check list, ect. While flying
    • Basic maneuvers
    • Power setting, cruise recommendation and simple rule

The mini course fee is about $975 plus tax (GST)

Note: If a licence is perused in the future then the full private ground school is offered to co-pilot course graduates at a reduced rate of $250. The flying time can also be credited towards a private licence.

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