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How old do you have to be?
16 to hold a student pilot permit ----17 for a private pilot licence.
How long does it take to get a licence?
The answer really depends on your personal circumstance. Instructor will work with you to set your own schedule. We recommend you to try once a week, twice a week is ideal. For most people, because you will be doing at least 65 hours of training, it should take eight months to one year.

There may be times during a year that you want to alter your schedule, for example: vacations, peak work times, exam times. You can speed your schedule up to slow it down, according to what is convenient to you
Do I have to finish the Ground School before I start flying?
No, you can begin your flying right away. It is not necessary to take the ground school before you start the flight training. In fact, there is no set time when you must do the ground school. You can choose the most convenient time, before during or after your flight training.

If you are flexible, we recommend that you take it close to the beginning of your flight training. The ground school takes 17 weeks, and your flying will probably be spread over a linger period. Therefore, you will most likely be finished sometime before you complete the flight.
Can I take the Ground School alone and not the flight training?
Yes you can. Later on if you decide to do the flight training, you can credit the ground school towards the licence requirement.
Is it safe
Yes very. Flight training is a highly regulated industry, the instructors are all trained to very high standards and they never compromise safety.
Will I be able to rent airplanes when I get my licence?
Yes most of the private training schools have fleet available for hourly, daily or longer rentals, as well as for flight training. For daily or longer rentals, arrangement are much the same as for car rentals.
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