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Smart Serve Training Program has been developed by Smart Serve Ontario, a division of the Hospitality Industry Training Organization of Ontario (HITOO), and endorsed by the AGCO.

Smart Serve training is mandatory for the following individuals:

New liquor sales licence holders, including new licence applicants, licence transfer applicants and temporary transfer applicants intending to operate an establishment.

In addition to licence holders, all managers, servers of beverage alcohol and security staff must hold Smart Serve certificates.

Stadium licensees, their managers, servers and security staff Course marshals and employees dispensing liquor from vending carts on golf courses that hold a Golf Course Endorsement

Holders of Caterer's Endorsements and servers working at catered events Where ordered by the AGCO (i.e. disciplinary cases)

The Server Training package must be kept on site at the licensed premises.

What is Smart Serve?
Smart Serve is a technology-based program for responsible beverage alcohol service. It teaches servers to prevent alcohol-related problems, and shows them how to intervene if problems do occur. The course covers such topics as the effects of alcohol, responsible serving techniques, legal issues, and house policies
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