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Ten Compelling Reasons You Should Be A Diamond Rider

On a growing number of main roads in Metro, the curb lane is being reserved as a Diamond Lane for buses, taxis, bicycles, and private vehicles with three or more riders. The objective is to decrease traffic congestion by encouraging people to become Diamond Riders. These are people who ride buses and who travel in cars with three or more occupants.

What are the benefits? Along with reducing traffic congestion, Diamond Riders will improve air quality, put our roads to better use, and reduce the need for new roads. Everybody wins. Our community. Our environment. And you provided you become a Diamond Rider. Consider the advantages:

1. You'll save money.

It's almost shocking. The Canadian Automobile Association estimates the cost of driving the average new car is about $7,000 a year. You won't save the entire amount by sharing a ride.
But you will save a lot. Work through the numbers.

By sharing a ride you will save two thirds to three quarters of your fuel costs, parking costs, wear and tear and maintenance costs, and possibly even the cost of owning a second car. That's a lot of money. About two vacations worth.

2. You'll save time.
Diamond Riders are a privileged group. You'll get to pull into the fast lane and drive past others in the slower lanes. So you'll arrive sooner. It's that simple.
3. It will reduce stress.
When you're not driving, you can converse, brainstorm, look around, even nap. You don't have to worry about road conditions, or other vehicles. By sharing the driving with two or three others, you'll ride more often than you drive. Riding's the good part.
4. It will help the transit system move faster.
Transit buses won't have to wait as long in traffic. More people will travel on faster buses, and fewer people will drive cars. Transit Diamond Riders make sense too.
5. Toronto needs to fill those empty seats.
The potential rider capacity of empty automobiles in the Greater Toronto Area is staggering. Look at the numbers: The GO Train system carries about 50,000 riders in peak periods. One subway line can move about 34,000 people per hour Auto trips? There are more than 600,000 every peak period in the Metro area, and 80% of these people drive by themselves. That translates into are you ready? 1,500,000 empty seats rolling around during rush hour. An amazing and wasted resource.
6. The quality of city life will improve.
If we filled even a fraction of those empty seats, life in the Metro area would improve markedly. Less traffic is good for everybody. The air gets cleaner. The noise level drops. The general stress level drops. Personal mobility improves. And the roads don't look like parking lots anymore.
7. You'll make new friends.
If you do it, others will follow. What Toronto needs is forward looking people (who like saving money, time, and the environment) to say: "Harry. I'm going to start riding to work with two neighbours. This is a smart move Harry. It may improve our social life."
8. It's easy to organize.
Organizing a Diamond Rider group might only take a few phone calls. Hang a map on a wall at work that most people will see (we'll send you one free). Have interested commuters write their names and telephone numbers on the map. If you're part of a large organization, start by putting somebody in charge a person who makes things happen. Have them call us we'll help you get started.
9. The Diamond Lane network is growing.
Metro is committed to Diamond Lanes. Already many major routes have been converted. More will be added.
10. Other progressive cities are doing it.
When in doubt, look to the success stories. Three of the most progressive cities in the United States Minneapolis, Seattle, and San Diego have High Occupancy Vehicle programs that work.
Three Simple Diamond Lane Rules

1. To use the Diamond Lane there must be three or more people in your vehicle.

2. If you are driving beside a Diamond Lane and have less than three people in your car and you want to turn right, you can legally use the Diamond Lane 45 meters before the turn. That's about the distance between two lampposts.

3. If you are turning onto a road with Diamond Lanes, and have less than three people in your car, you can use the Diamond Lane 45 meters after the turn to merge into the regular lane.

Breeze past the Traffic Be a Diamond Rider
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Three or More… Use the Diamond Lane
For Information on To join a carpool today Diamond Lanes Call: Share A Ride Call: 416 392 8328 1 800 56 SHARE
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