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What is Operation Lifesaver?

Operation Lifesaver, a Project of The Railway Association of Canada and of Transport Canada in cooperation with the Canada Safety Council, is designed to create an awareness by the general public of the potential hazards of rail/highway crossings, aimed at reducing accidents and resulting fatalities, personal injuries and material damages.

What safety in numbers?
Number of rail/highway crossings in Canada 35,000
Number of people killed in vehicle/train crashes an average year. 100
Number hurt seriously enough to need medical attention 500
Why so many rail/highway crossing accidents?

Mostly because drivers pay little or no attention to the hazards at the rail/highway crossings. They pay no attention because they cross the tracks day after day without seeing a single train. So the advance warning sign and the X on the cross bucks post become just a part of the scenery familiar, unalarming.

And then one day there's a train!

In 37% of the accidents, the drivers disregard the Mechanical warning devices; bells they could hear, flashing red lights they could see, even watchmen who tried to flag them down.

Can you make the grade?

Most drivers who get their experience in the school of hard knocks, end up learning a thing or two at the expense of a few bruises and bent fenders. But the one who flunks on grade crossings may not be around to get any diploma
of experience. Frequently a flunk is fatal!
The Grade Crossing Course isn't really so tough. You don't need to do a lot of boning up just use some common safety sense. You can get a passing grade for life by being right. But miss one in a real situation and you lose. Come aboard join the Operation Lifesaver train.

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