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Road Sharing with other vehicles

There are lots of obstacles and challenges on the road for drivers to contend with. Under standing these obstacles and challenges will help prevent accidents.
Blind spot
When you come to a stop behind a truck or any other vehicles , keep to the left of your lane so the driver can see you in his/her side mirror. Remember if you can't see the the driver in one of his/her mirrors he/she probably can't see you.
Leave Enough Room
Always leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the other vehicle to prevent roll back incidents As he/she takes his foot off the brake and releases the clutch pedal, the other vehicle may roll back a few feet.
Never tailgate, particularly trucks. Truck's size will almost totally block your view and you will have to rely on their brake lights for a signal that something is going on in front. At the same time you will be in one of the truck driver's blind spots.
Entering an Expressway
When entering an expressway, never pull in front of a truck without leaving adequate room. It can't stop on a dime and you could be the cause of a jackknife or a major crash.
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