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10 important things that you can do to make the road safe for yourself and for other drivers

1. Do not drink and drive. Don’t drive when you are taking medication, or illegal drugs that will affect your driving.

2. Always wear your seat belt. You are responsible to make sure anyone under 16 years age has seat belt on.

3. Adjust your speed with the road conditions and obey the speed limit.

4. Be patient and don’t take any risks, don’t cut people off on the road, don’t make a sudden lane change or run yellow lights. You may get to your destination just a few minutes late but safe.

5. When you are tired, sick or upset don’t drive as it may affect your judgment.

6. Let other drivers go if you are in doubt, and yield right-of-way. Be courteous to other drivers.

7. Keep at least a two second space from the vehicle in front of you. To check the distance: when the vehicle ahead of you passes a fixed object start counting, One thousand one and one thousand two. When your vehicle reaches the same fixed object, stop counting.

8. Always try to cut down the distractions. Don’t overcrowd the vehicle, don’t eat while you are driving, and don’t play loud music. Don’t use a cell phone while driving.

9. Look over your shoulders to check your blind spot, and check your mirrors before making lane changes.

10. Always be extra careful, and check the traffic in all direction before entering into an intersection.

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