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What is a CRC

A collision Reporting Centre is a police facility created to assist motorist in reporting motor vehicle collision. No fees are charged to police or motorists. All expenses are paid by Ontario insurers.

Action to be taken by all drivers before attending a collision reporting centre
  • If is is safe to do so, remove vehicles from roadway.
  • Exchange information with other involved parties. ( Names, Drivers licence #, address, phone numbers, insurance and vehicle particulars).
  • If any, obtain names and phone numbers of independent witnesses.
  • Forthwith, attend with your vehicle at the CRC most convenience to you
  • Bring your documentation with you to the CRC (driver's licence, ownership and insurance ETC)
Does the CRC take fail to remain collision report?
Yes the CRC will take property damage only fail to remain reports. A police unit will be dispatched if the suspect vehicle is sill in the area of the collision
What are the hours of operation at the CRC?
Collision Reporting Centre are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
When should a driver attend a CRC?
  • Any driver involved in a reportable property damage collision is to report the collision at a CRC
  • Police units will be dispatched to the scene when one or more of the following situations apply.
When should a driver NOT attend a CRC?
  • Collision involves injury or death.
  • Criminal activity involved in collision (e.g. impaired driving stolen vehicle, assault etc.).
  • Collision involving Federal, Provincial or Municipal vehicles ( including TTC).
  • Collision involving vehicles transporting damage goods.
  • Collision involving a person who is uninsured or is a suspended driver.
  • Collision involving damage to private, municipal or highway property.
  • Collision involving bicycles or pedestrians.
  • Involved party refuses to provide required information
Without exception, towed vehicles must go directly to the CRC from the collision location.
The highway Traffic Act requires that all collision where persons are injured, or damage valued at more than $1000.00 to vehicles or property, or damage to any highway property be reported to forthwith.
Collision Reporting Centres,s Address and Phone numbers
North Collision Reporting Centre

113 Toryork Drive Tel 416-808-3960

East Collision Reporting Centre
39 Howden Road Tel: 416-808-4960
West Collision Reporting Centre
855 Oxford Street Tel: 416-808-2960
NON emergency
Metropolitan Toronto Safe and sober Driving Collision is mad up of representative from local business, police, social agencies and government. The Collision serves as an advisory board to the Metropolitan Toronto police Traffic Services; on maters pertaining to road safety. For more information, call: 416-808-1933 or 416-808-1919
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