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Careless Driving:

The offence of careless driving is committed when a driver operates a vehicle without reasonable care or attention to other drivers.
6 demerit points
Failing to stop for school
6 demerit point for
Following too closely:
The offence of driving too closely is committed when a driver follows another vehicle at a distance that is not reasonable and prudent.
4 demerit points
Seat belts:
It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle without seat belt on, everyone in the vehicle must have seat belt on
2 demerit points
How to Fight an Undeserved Traffic Ticket
Let me say that it is VERY important to understand that anyone who believes that they have been unfairly cited has a RIGHT to avail themselves of our legal system and gain relief. But, this is NOT a venue for everyone, sadly. Even if you KNOW you are as innocent as the day you were born, you must not put your tushie into Traffic Court unless you know what the heck you are doing.
First.....DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! Look up the law for which you were cited. Go to your local  public library and get it for free.
Nothing pisses off a judge more than someone who doesn't understand the accusation against them. (When they choose to fight it) and they says "Your Honor...I was just going with the flow of traffic!"  The judge then shakes his/her head and says "IRRELEVANT!," which it sure is. 
Had the defendant bothered to do their homework, they NEVER would have said that because the flow of traffic has NOTHING to do with the law cited on the freeways. Secondly, PREPARE. How you present your case is EVERYTHING! This is even more important than the facts. 
Whether you're telling the honest truth or lying through your teeth (what??? you would lie???), presentation is the key. Take photographs, draw diagrams, get witness statements...anything you can do to give the judge something to work with so that reasonable doubt can be raised. 
The cop comes with automatic credibility....a badge and a uniform and no reason to lie.  You? You come as "lying pond scum" who has every reason to lie to save your hide.  You thought a traffic court was "innocent until proven guilty"??? HELLO. 
YOU must provide the reasonable doubt if the officer shows up.
Third.....dress to IMPRESS. This is a court of law in the Canadian legal system, the judge or commissioner is NOT your peer. They have the POWER and you must show respect if you want them to respect you.
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